The Details

The U.S. Majors Tour is the top tier of National Championship Racing in America.

SCCA has a proud tradition of attracting the best racing drivers in the country, both at the pro level and amateur level.

Building on an over 60-year motorsports tradition, SCCA is proud to offer the U.S. Majors Tour.

Who belongs in the Majors?

America's top-tier amateur drivers looking for a premium-level racing experience.

What is the Majors?

The Majors is a clustering of premium National events designed to offer the opportunity to race in a touring series against the best amateur drivers in the country.

Where will Majors events take place?

The Majors will be run in four geographic conferences. Each Conference will have its own champion, and Majors racing offers a qualifying path to the SCCA National Championship Runoffs, where the best amateur racers in America are crowned each September.

When will the U.S. Majors Tour start?

Majors racing kicks off in 2013, with inaugural events beginning in January. We are aiming for 24 Majors weekends between the four Conferences.

Why do we need it?

The National racing calendar in America has grown in number of events while the number of participants has not increased, resulting in fewer cars per class, per event. The best amateur drivers in the country are looking for a place to compete against large fields of top-tier racers, and the Majors offers just that.

SCCA Members Fact Sheet (PDF)


How do I get involved in Majors racing?

Any SCCA driver holding a National Competition License is eligible to participate.

U.S. Majors Tour Conferences | Eastern (Northeast and Southeast Divisions), Mid-States (Midwest, Rocky Mountain and Southwest Divisions), Norther (Central and Great Lakes Divisions), Western (Northern Pacific and Southern Pacific Divisions)